-> Recent accomplishment is the Transformation and standardization of HP/ Alcatel-Lucent VoIP servers accross North America Region. the scope of work encompassing responsibility of design, staging, configuration, implementation oversight, and support for VoIP installation about:


Voice standardization
o Numbering plan.
o OnNET.
o Prefixes.
o Global Numbers.
o Passive Call Servers.
o Voice Backbone Architecture
o Transit Node
o Global Voice Architecture
o Centralization
o ABC-F networking
o ABC-F Networking
o Voice mail
o Auto Attendant



-> ongoing VoIP Design/Architecture and system Administration/Resident Engineer of a major Utility company, DCWATER ( District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority) in a  multisite architecture with redundant and survivable location, centralized call processing with many added values applications.

As VoIP solution Architect, I

* Meet with business unit whenever they express need of new application/functionality to gather their specific requirement.

* perform the design based on business unit requirements.

* provide quote and technical design document if necessary.

* implement the solution.

* perform training and support when needed.


As Senior VoIP System administrator, I’m Level 3 ACSE engineer and I

• Ensure full operational status and availability of the Authority VoIP systems.

• Conduct quarterly testing of new features and/or compatibility.

• Implement preventive maintenance of hardware and software

• perform troubleshooting of all VoIP related systems.

• handle Problem escalation and tracking within Alcatel-Lucent Support Organization or other Vendor ( OpenText, Polycom, …)

• provide Mentoring for technical knowledge transfer to Technician


As Technical Project Manager, I


  • Interact with different vendors, providing them with Scope of work in order to get their proposal for new applications.
  • Organize meeting between potential vendors and Business unit to have solution presentation and demonstration.
  • Set-up proof of concept.
  • Conduct acceptance testing.
  • Coordinate departmental move across the authority.
  • Handle all adjustment necessaries to make the move successful.
  • Anticipate and Plan VoIP system and applications growth on a short and long term to provide a full vision to the CIO.


-> OpenTouch Business Edition Installation and configuration for Dascom System Group in their Gannett Maryland Operations Center (MOC), located at 2240 Broadbirch Drive, Silver Spring MD 20904.


-> OpenTouch Business Edition Installation and configuration in Release 1.3 for Westcounty Fire district.

--> SVCSME (Senior VoIP Consultant Subject Matter Expert in SIP) to design, implement, troubleshoot and resolve complex SIP related issues in a unified communication hosted environment for a national scale cloud based UC service offer using Avaya Aura platform (
System Manager, Session Manager, Communication Manager, utility server and presence server).
Experience in Architecture, Implementation/supporting/upgrading Session Manager, System Manager, and Communication Manager. Avaya one-X® Communicator, Avaya 96xx phones, B179.
Implementation and support of Oracle SBC (Session Border Controller) for IP network boundary security and SIP multimedia session control. SBC 3820, SBC 6300.
Deployment and support of Avaya Diagnostic Server (ADS is an Avaya serviceability solution for remote support and advanced diagnostics services) comprised of SAL Gateway and SLA Monitor Server.
Experience working in a VMware ESXi environment, OVA template deployment, migration and troubleshooting.
Experience in implementing/deploying/administering stingray riverbed Load-balancer.
Experience in Palo Alto Firewal configuration.
Experience in deployment of redundant architecture for 911 Automatic location update solution